Mark Wright reveals terrifying condition that makes him wake up screaming

Mark Wright has revealed that he’s been suffering from the frightening condition sleep paralysis, which has become so bad that he’s even found himself screaming with terror after waking up.

The presenter reached out to his Twitter fans on Wednesday following a particularly bad night which saw him have two ‘horrendous’ episodes and shared a screenshot explaining the symptoms.

‘Anyone have this ? Iv had it a few times. Last night was the worse I ever had it. Horrendous feeling,’ Mark, 31, captioned the post.

Many of the former TOWIE star’s fans were sympathetic and shared their own experiences of sleep paralysis.


‘It’s awful! I had it when I was a teen! It felt like a ghost was pushing me down in my sleep and I was trying to scream and wake up but no words would come out!’ one Twitter user explained.

Mark then replied to this: ‘Exactly that !! I could of sworn a ghost was pinning my shoulders down. Once I snapped out of it I was screaming.’

And when another follower revealed ‘They are horrendous. I felt like I’ve been thrown around my bedroom before. Always too terrified to go back to sleep afterwards #scarey’, Mark answered back: ‘I feel ya, last night though, when I went back to sleep it happened again. Twice in one night, horrific.’

Sleep paralysis leaves you temporarily unable to move or speak when waking up or falling asleep and it is usually over within a few seconds or minutes, but can be a terrifying experience.

Some people feel that there is a presence in the room that wishes to harm them when it takes hold.

According to NHS Choices the condition often only affects people once or twice in their lives, yet some sufferers can experience it more frequently with episodes occurring even as often as a few times a month.

Poor Mark! His confession comes after a busy few days which have seen him take part in charity football match Soccer Aid on Sunday – where he also reunited with wife Michelle Keegan – before jetting back to the US for his job on entertainment show Extra.

Oh, and then THIS amazing moment happened.

SO funny!

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