Martha Stewart Delivers Eulogy At Her Alleged Married Lover’s Funeral

Stewart spoke at the funeral of a longtime family friend.

Martha Stewart has delivered a heartfelt eulogy at a funeral for a builder, his wife, and their grandson just six years after the builder’s daughter claimed that the “domestic diva” was her married father’s mistress.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Martha Stewart delivered the heartbreaking eulogy in the Hamptons over the weekend after the three perished in a tragic private jet crash.

Bernard “Ben” Krupinski was considered a “builder to the stars,” who built lavish homes in the Hamptons for the likes of Billy Joel, Ben Crenshaw, and Stewart herself.

He and his wife Bonnie, both 70, died along with their 22-year-old grandson.

The plane crashed off the coast of East Hampton last Saturday, and the Coast Guard called off the search for their bodies the following Monday.

Jon Kenneth Dollard, who was the plane’s pilot, also died in the crash.

While she delivered the memorial, Stewart recalled the beginning of their friendship, which took place in the 1990s. At the time, she said that she was looking for a home in the tony Long Island, New York, hamlet, and Ben was able to deliver one to her that he designed himself.

Martha Stewart and Ben Krupinski enjoyed such a close friendship that, when she was released from federal prison in 2005, he hopped on his private plane and went to get her in Virginia to bring her home.

Ben also later renovated Stewart’s 24-room home in the Hamptons, and she dubbed his work “extraordinary!”

At around the same time, Ben’s estranged daughter began claiming that her father and Stewart were having an affair right under Bonnie’s nose, but that’s a claim that was categorically denied, not only by Stewart and Ben, but by Bonnie herself, as well.

In fact, Stewart enjoyed a close friendship with the entire family throughout Ben’s life.

That didn’t stop Laura, Ben’s daughter, from continuing to spread the rumor about her father and Martha Stewart, and from claiming that her father “cut her off” when she found out about the affair he was allegedly having.

Laura, who is the mother of the now-deceased Will, who perished in the crash, said that her mother refused to speak to her after the alleged affair was revealed.

Both Laura’s family, and Martha Stewart herself, released statements saying that Laura was “troubled,” and that after her family had been financially supporting her for 47 years, they all hoped that she could get help for all the “demons” that she was clearly plagued by.

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