Meet The Two-Year-Old Who Put $1,060 Of His Parents' Money Through A Paper Shredder

They probably don’t allow you to put 2-year-olds to work in the fields. But, listen, if my two-year-old put $1,060 of my money through a shredder for giggles, he’d be out there harvesting whatever to make up for it!

Two-year-old Leo Belknap of Salt Lake City, UT put $1,060 cash belonging to parents Ben and Jackee Belknap through their paper shredder, as reported by CBS News.

The Belknaps had been saving up to pay Ben’s parents back for University of Utah football season tickets that weekend. Venmo might not have reached Utah yet, so Ben and Jackie had the cash in an envelope just laying around on a counter for a two-year-old who knows about office equipment to fuck with.

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