Meghan King Edmonds Gives Birth: ‘RHOC’ Star Welcomes Twin Boys With Husband Jim

Meghan King Edmonds just went from being a mom of 1, to a mom of 3! The reality star has officially given birth to twin boys, and we can only imagine how thrilled she & husband Jim Edmonds must be!

Congrats to Meghan King Edmonds, 33, and her husband Jim Edmonds, 47! The couple officially welcomed not one, but TWO more little ones into their family after Meghan gave birth to twin boys, named Hayes and Hart, on Jun .6. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star and the former MLB player are already proud parents of 1-year-old daughter Aspen King Edmonds, so you know their hands are about to be very full. But of course, their HEARTS are also incredibly full! Check out a pic of the twins below!

“Both are family names: Hayes (who looks like Jimmy) is Jimmy’s great-grandma’s maiden name, Hart (who looks like me) is my great-great-great grandpa’s first name,” Meghan shared in a blog post. “Our family is now completely complete.” Jim had previously announced their birth on Instagram on Jun. 6., posting a pic of his arm with two small ink footprints, and writing, “1 little foot each. They made it. Everyone is safe and healthy.” Jim also promised, “Pictures will come soon.”

While the newborns are Meghan’s second and third children, Jim now has seven children total — four from previous relationships. Meghan announced she was pregnant with a son during last season’s RHOC reunion, she then announced it was twins in December. The new mom was open about her pregnancy journey, even sharing on her blog that she and Jim underwent IVF last summer. “When Aspen was only a few months old Jimmy and I knew we wanted to add another baby to the mix,” Meghan wrote. “Yes, Aspen has half-siblings but we wanted her to be able to share in the joy of waking up to a sibling every day of her life. Plus her half-siblings are completely enamored by Aspen and they LOVED the idea of expanding our family even more.”

In the days and weeks leading up to the twins’ birth, Meghan told her social media followers that she was getting to an extremely uncomfortable point. “I have a nanny and she’s been so good — and Jimmy’s been so helpful too — but waking up with Aspen in the morning, that’s even hard,” Meghan explained to People magazine at her 33-week mark. “I can get her out of the crib and stuff, but going up and down my stairs is tough. I want her to be able to have fun and go to the park, but I can’t walk around the park anymore. It makes me sad. It’s a hard place to be.”

“I’m so ridiculously pregnant, I can hardly move off the couch,” she added. “We just had a cleaning lady come today — I don’t even know how she did, because I’m too tired to look. That’s where I’m at.” And now the babies have finally arrived! Congrats again, Meghan and Jim!

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