Meghan Markle Celebrates One Young World Appearance on Instagram

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will attend One Young World’s opening ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall tonight, continuing her support for the organization she was already affiliated with when she met Prince Harry.

Sharing several photos of Meghan at previous One Young World events around the globe, the @sussexroyal Instagram account wrote, “The Duchess of Sussex will attend @OneYoungWorld opening ceremony this evening to continue her support for this amazing collective of global youth ambassadors. Her Royal Highness was a counsellor for OYW in Dublin in 2014 as well as in Ottawa in 2016.”

The post continued, “This evening she again joins world leaders and activists to celebrate the youth of today as they tackle some of the world’s greatest problems. She is proud to attend as Vice President of The Queens Commonwealth Trust and to continue her long-standing commitment to this very important summit.”

The organization also celebrated Meghan’s contributions in an Instagram post, and noted, “The Duchess first joined One Young World as a Counsellor at the 2014 Summit in Dublin, addressing young leaders on the importance of women’s rights, and the role men play in achieving equality.⁣”

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