Meghan Markle’s Personality Shines in Old Craig Ferguson Interview 

That Markle Sparkle! Before Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry — and subsequently became the Duchess of Sussex — she let her personality shine through during a 2013 appearance on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

In the newly resurfaced clip, Meghan, 36, joked with Ferguson about her former USA series Suits and her childhood.

“The show, congratulations, Suits, it’s the No. 1 show on TV,” Ferguson said. “I love it because it’s got that thing in it … The suits.”

“And you’re a fan of suits?” she replied. “A certain fondness you have for it now just by the virtue of the name?”

After, Ferguson admitted that he has actually never seen an episode of the series, Meghan let out of a big laugh.

The conversation later shifted to her upbringing. When asked where she was from, Meghan replied, “I’m born and raised here in L.A. …  I’m one of the five, you can pinch me, I’m real.”

The former actress even opened up about her father, Thomas Markle, who backed out of attending her royal nuptials just days before the couple tied the knot at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday, May 19, due to health issues.

“My dad was a DP [director of photography] … There was a show called Married With Children,” Meghan explained. “So I grew up on the set of Married With Children every day after school for 10 years I was there. It’s a very perverse place for a little girl, who went to Catholic school no less, to grow up because I’m there in my school uniform, right?”

“Oh yeah?” Ferguson said, as Meghan laughed. “It’s a joke, it’s a joke.”

When the host asked if the cast ever thought Meghan was there to work on the series, she responded, “Thankfully no … Curly hair, gap in my teeth … They watched me grow up.”

“It doesn’t remember what it once was,” she added about her hair. “But yes, once upon a time it was curly.”

Now that Meghan is officially a part of the British royal family, it is unlikely that fans will see her candid side again. E! News reported a list of rules on Tuesday, May 22, that Meghan has to follow now that she is a duchess, which includes no selfies, no dark nail polish, no autographs and no social media.

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