Meghan McCain Hysterically Sobs As Her Late Father’s Casket Arrives At Arizona State Capitol

Meghan McCain couldn’t hold back the tears as her father, John McCain’s casket arrived at the Arizona capital, where he will lie in state. See footage of the tender moment at the memorial, here.

John McCain‘s entire immediate family was present when the late senator’s casket arrived at the Arizona State Capital on August 29, draped in an American flag. His wife, sons, and daughter, The View host Meghan McCain, were sitting front row as he was eulogized by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Former Senator Jon Kyl, a close family friend. While wife Cindy McCain and sons Jack and Jimmy, dressed in formal military attire, were stoic during the ceremony, Meghan couldn’t contain her sobs. His casket arrived at the Arizona State Capital on what would have been his 82nd birthday.

Poor Meghan was hysterically crying throughout the commemoration, leaning on her brother for support as her father’s casket was prepared to lie in state. You can see the heartbreaking moment she burst into tears in the video below. Warning: this footage is hard to watch. McCain was remembered fondly by his fellow politicians, with Kyl saying that McCain “believed in America,” and that, “He believed in its people, its values and its institutions. America is stronger for his fierce defense of our values.”

Ducey said that McCain “brought us above politics,” so with “humor and humanity and without compromising the principles he held so dear. This man was trusted and he was tested, quality in increasingly short supply. We sometimes think politics is life and death but John McCain knew better because he actually saw death and dying and tragedy. Make no mistake, he fought like hell for the causes he believed in. John McCain’s fight for America isn’t over.”

After their beautiful tributes to the longtime politician and war hero, the McCain family approached the casket to deliver an emotional goodbye. Meghan continued to sob as she tenderly touched it; Cindy teared up as well, gently placing her head on the coffin before leaving the capital rotunda. Soon, the public will be able to visit the capital to pay their respects to the senator.

In the past 40 years, only two other people have lied in state at the Arizona State Capital: Arizona State Senator Marilyn Jarrett in 2006 and Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens in 1980. McCain’s funeral is to be held on Thursday, August 30. He will be eulogized by longtime friend, former Vice President Joe Biden. His family is holding a private funeral on Saturday, September 1. May he rest in peace.

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