Meghan McCain Slams Melania Trump: If Michelle Obama Had Worn This, The GOP Would Be Up In Arms

Meghan McCain had some choice words for Melania Trump about her controversial ‘I Really Don’t Care’ jacket! Here’s what she had to say!

Meghan McCain did not hold back when it came to denouncing Melania Trump‘s now-infamous “I Really Don’t Care” jacket she wore to a border facility in Texas last week. “The first thing I have to say is I have to take ownership of this,” Meghan told the rest of the panel of The View. “If Michelle Obama would have worn this jacket, my head would have blown up on television. Period.”

And from there, Meghan went on to denounce the jacket’s apathetic message. “And I think Republicans have to be intellectually honest that if we had another first lady walking around with a jacket saying ‘I Really Don’t Care Do U?’… I have defended Melania, and defended Melania, and defended Melania,” Meghan went on to say. “I can’t stand this. I think it’s crazy. I don’t care what message she’s trying to send to the president or anybody else. It’s inappropriate.”

Meghan continued to point out that while she frequently disagrees with the other ladies of The View on big issues, at least they all care about what happens in this country. “The whole point of being first lady is that we care,” Meghan added. “We are here because we care. I disagree vehemently with the majority of this room and this panel, but we have to care about what’s going on in this country. And this message is horrible.” While Melania’s spokesperson  has claimed there was no hidden message behind the jacket, Melania herself has remained silent on the controversial fashion choice.

However, Melania shared a message of kindness while giving a speech to the Students Against Destructive Decisions’ annual conference on Jun. 25. She told the crowd of middle school students, high schools students and their parents, “Kindness, compassion, and positivity are very important traits in life. It is far easier to say nothing than it is to speak words of kindness. It is easier to judge quickly than to take time to understand. It is often easier to see a glass half-empty than half full.”

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