Melania & Donald Trump Engage In Rare PDA After Report They Spend No Time Together

Melania and Donald Trump are not known for being lovey dovey. But now – after the Stormy Daniels scandal and speculation about their marriage – they kissed and hugged in pubic. Coincidence?

Melania Trump, 48, and Donald Trump, 71, are not known for kissing and hugging in public. While Michelle Obama, 54, and Barack Obama, 56, inspired memes, because they practically couldn’t keep their hands off each other during eight years at the White House, the Trumps are the targets of awkward headlines about their relationship. Rumors that the president slept with porn star Stormy Daniels doesn’t help and neither does the first lady slapping away her husband’s hand during official events. But on May 9, the first couple was unusually affectionate during an official engagement at the White House. Melania introduced her husband during a special Mother’s Day event for military moms and spouses, according to the Daily Mail.

Looking glamorous in a navy blue, military-style dress, the first lady said, “And now it’s my pleasure to introduce my husband, the president of the United States.” At that point the former reality TV star kissed and embraced his wife at the podium. In the video he could be heard telling her, “You look lovely.” He also gushed about his wife’s popularity after a poll revealed that her favorability has jumped up 10 percent to 57 percent since January, according to CNN. Donald said, “She’s become a very, very popular first lady. I’m seeing all those stories and they love Melania.” What neither the president nor the first lady commented on though was those other stories – the ones alleging that their relationship is suffering amid sex scandals, especially the Stormy Daniels alleged hook-up.

The most recent Washington Post report, published on May 6 quoted a source who said, “They spend very little to no time together.” Another longtime friend of Melania’s – Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – blamed it on the first lady’s culture, saying, “She is a dignified, private person, and she’ll deal with her personal life in private and it’s no one’s business. They are not that couple that holds hands just because; she is old-world European and it’s not who she is.”

Someone must have forgotten to tell the Trumps that because they were very handsy, in public, at this event. Meanwhile, in the same article Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham slammed reports about the state of the couple’s marriage, telling the Post, “She’s focused on being a wife, and she’s focused on her role as first lady. And that’s it. The rest is just noise.”

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