Melania Trump Has ‘Low Expectations’ On Mother’s Day After Lackluster Birthday Gift From Donald

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and First Lady Melania Trump isn’t expecting much from husband Donald. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how she’s thinks he’ll let her down again after his birthday gift fail.

Donald Trump, 71, has proven he’s not exactly loving or sentimental when it comes to wife Melania and special holidays. Unlike their predecessors the Obamas — who openly gushed about their love, respect and appreciation for each other — these two are cold as ice. With Mother’s day coming up on May 13, the mom to Trump’s youngest son Barron, 11, doesn’t have her hopes up for anything special from her husband. “Melania has very low expectations for her husband to deliver any amazing gifts for Mother’s Day after he completely failed at her birthday,” a DC insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Donald seemed too busy to do much more than get her a card and flowers for her birthday, which was a total disappointing let down for Melania. Now she is bracing for another thoughtless gift from the president for Mother’s Day,” our insider adds. When Melania turned 48 on April 26, Trump went on Fox & Friends for a half hour live phone call where he ranted about everything from James Comey, CNN, to the Department of Justice. He had the time to call in to his favorite TV program, but no time to buy anything special for his wife’s birthday.

When the hosts asked him what he got Melania for her big day, he admitted he didn’t so much as bother to even try to shop for a gift. “I better not get into that cause I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn’t get her so much,” Trump admitted before stumbling to come up with anything that would make him not look like the worst husband ever. “I tell you what I got her a beautiful card. I’m too busy to go out looking around for presents,” he continued. Yeah, he was too busy to buy a gift for his wife’s birthday, but he had half a hour to blather on Fox News about how much he hates CNN. No wonder Melania’s not expecting much for Mother’s Day.

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