Miles Teller's wife hated his 'Top Gun' mustache, plus more news

Character issue

Miles Teller’s wife, Keleigh Sperry, is not a fan of his character transformations. Full stop. The actor has altered his appearance for several of his most recent projects, as he rocked a mustache for “Top Gun: Maverick,” and a mullet for Netflix’s “Spiderhead.” While chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Miles recalled fitting in in Australia, where “Spiderhead” was filmed. “The mullet has made a roaring comeback. It’s really a cool, edgy thing,” he said. However, his wife saw nothing cool about his business-up-top-party-in-the-back look or his upper lip rug. “I’ll tell you my wife is not a fan of either, the mullet or the mustache,” he quipped.

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Name game

Who you talking about, Pete! Pete Davidson has been part of the Kardashian universe since he and Kim Kardashian started dating last fall. Having ingrained himself with the family, Pete seems to have a solid relationship with the children of the clan. But, it turns out he was calling Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s son Reign the wrong name for months and months. “Funny fact: Pete thought Reign’s name was Raymond for the longest time because that’s what @ScottDisick calls him all the time 😂,” she wrote. Scott’s penchant for nicknaming his children is well known, as he often calls Mason “Marty,” and he refers to Penelope as “Poosh” or “Peesh.” Seems like we can give Pete a pass this time. While the “SNL” alum did not appear on “The Kardashians,” his voice was heard off camera for the first time on the season finale on June 16. Khloe also gushed about the Kim’s beau. “Kim found a guy who’s a great guy,” she said on the Hulu show. “He’s so sweet. Like, does so much — picked us up from the airport the other day. Like, had the coffee she wanted, had a coffee for me. I didn’t want to tell him it was the completely wrong one.”

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Twitter jokes

Fans are predicting doom and gloom for Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone, but it has nothing to do with the status of their relationship. Instead, it has to do with her age. Camila turned 25 on June 16. Leo, 47, has apparently never dated anyone older than 25. Ever. An online graph shows that he split with three women just before they went over the quarter-century mark. Social media, ever the sympathetic bunch, feels the pattern will repeat itself before June 2023, which is when the model will turn 26. Jokes predicting the pair’s fate are flying around Twitter. One viral TikTok video shows a montage of couple as Europe’s “The Final Countdown” plays. “Her lease is almost up,” one person said. Another joked, “My thoughts and prayers are with her,” whereas another social media user quipped, “Condolences in advance to this queen.”

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Emotional over Ellen

Jennifer Aniston was nearly overcome with emotion while filming the final Ellen DeGeneres Show. “It was so bizarrely sad,” she told People magazine of the daytime talk show that ended after 19 seasons. “I have to say, because I did the show at the beginning of the year and I was really emotional then, and I kind of was like, ‘I can’t do that on the last show. I’m going to really lose it.'” Jen was Ellen’s first guest when the show premiered in September 2003. The “Friends” star returned for the final episode, which taped on April 28 and aired nearly a month later on May 26. Jen said she requested to meet with Ellen backstage before their on-air chat. “We made sure we saw each other beforehand so we could get any of that [emotion] out. It didn’t feel like the last show. It was bizarre,” she said. “I still can’t wrap my head around [the fact] that that’s it. It’s not going to be there anymore, because it was such a staple.” Continuing to reflect, Jen added, “Even though the world was there before Ellen and now it’ll be there after, she was such a source of entertainment and love and joy and laughter for people. It’s sad. I don’t understand what’s going to fill it.”

Postpartum talk

The postpartum struggle is real for Olivia Munn, but she has no regrets. The actress posted a video with a son, Malcolm, to Instagram on Friday, June 17, and spoke briefly about life after baby. “The postpartum road is rough, but it’s so worth it,” she wrote alongside a video holding Malcolm. She added, “My body hasn’t snapped back, but it made this little guy so I only have love for it.” Olivia shares the tot with comedian John Mulaney. This is hardly the first time the “Newsroom” star has spoken about her struggles. “My hips still feel wonky from pushing out a human being, my postpartum anxiety is still here (and horrible), but I got myself up and took my first capoeira lesson today,” the actress wrote via Instagram Story in March. “Getting back to martial arts made me feel a little more like myself. Hope I can keep it up.”

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