Miranda Lambert Drops ‘Am I Right Or Amarillo’ From ‘The Marfa Tapes’

Miranda Lambert released “Am I Right or Amarillo,” the third song from the upcoming 15-track new album The Marfa Tapes from her, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, on Friday (March 26).

“Am I Right or Amarillo” is a song which reflects the trio’s flawless harmonies.

“Am I right or Amarillo / Am I wrong for loving you / Come lay down on my pillow / ‘Til the dawn comes breaking through / Am I crazy, I don’t know / You just might be, too / Am I right or Amarillo / Am I wrong for loving you,” Lambert, Ingram and Randall sing in the chorus.

“‘Am I Right or Amarillo’ was a Jack Ingram line. I think we were talking about the most time we’ve ever spent in Amarillo was at the truck stop. We just started riffing on the title, and a cheating song showed itself,” Randall shared in a press release. “We all miss country cheating songs so we just went with it. It is really more of a bluegrass kind of thing.”

The trio had previously released “In His Arms” and “Tin Man,” a new version from Lambert, from The Marfa Tapes album.

Lambert co-wrote The Marfa Tapes songs with Ingram and Randall. The album is due out on May 7.

(Photo: Spencer Peeples)

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