Miranda Lambert & Evan Felker: Why He Dived Into Romance Even Before Wife Split

There’s a reason why Evan Felker decided to pursue Miranda Lambert while he was still married, and it’s ‘complicated.’ Find out what reportedly happened!

Country fans all know the drama behind Miranda Lambert‘s relationship with new boyfriend Evan Felker, 34. But how it went down? That’s another story! Evan and his band, the Turnpike Troubadours, opened up for Miranda on her recent Livin’ Like Hippies tour, and while it wasn’t love at first sight, Evan began having serious feelings for the “Tin Man” singer. Though Evan was still married to wife Staci Felker, whom he left at home in Oklahoma to go on tour, spending more and more time with Miranda, 34, was reportedly making him question everything, according to an anonymous source who spoke to Us Weekly.

Evan “was attracted to the fame,” the source told the magazine. “It was exciting to him. He wanted to cowrite with [Miranda]. They started spending a lot more time together and things just happened.” Miranda and Evan haven’t spoken publicly about the cheating allegations, but Staci has heavily implied through social media (and karaoke) that Miranda allegedly broke up their marriage.

HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source that Miranda believed Evan and Staci were estranged, and that their marriage was ending when they started dating. “Miranda thinks it’s unfortunate that Evan’s ex is making a public show out of their breakup, and implying she’s a homewrecker, because, she insists, that’s not the case at all,” the source told us.

Whatever the case, Miranda’s head over heels for Evan. She even thinks he’s her soulmate, another source told us EXCLUSIVELY! She thinks their chemistry is so off the charts, and their connection is so strong — stronger than it ever was with ex-husband Blake Shelton! “She’s never felt like this before,” the source said.

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