Model films pal speeding on road with no hands on Tesla wheel while on autopilot

This is the hair-raising moment a model films her friend speeding down the highway with no hands on the steering wheel of a Tesla car believed to be on autopilot.

The footage filmed by model Hari Nef shows 24-year-old Jacob Bixenman behind the wheel of the vehicle with his eyes completely off the road.

Jacob, who is also a model, is seen resting his chin on his hands while in the Tesla’s driving seat.

The group can be heard laughing and screaming in the background as the car hurtles along the highway.

Someone is heard shouting "we are all going to die" while passengers joke around in the back seat.

Hari posted the video on Instagram on Friday however it was quickly deleted.

Buzzfeed pointed out the car appears to be on autopilot mode as the steering wheel can be seen adjusting itself.

The feature allows the car to stay in the middle lane – however Tesla told Buzzfeed the models were not following the company’s instructions to ‘keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times".

The warning appears whenever the autopilot mode is turned on, according to Tesla.

Hari is a transgender model and actress who who most recently worked on a Topman campaign.

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