‘Monsters!’ Denise Welch slams politician for social distancing joke at Christmas bash

Jane McDonald issues apology for missing Denise Welch's event

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Denise Welch, 63, took to her Twitter platform to share a clip of the Leader of the House of Commons, who was invited as a guest of honour to the IEA’s Christmas bash on Tuesday evening.

Jacob was certainly feeling the festive spirit as he took to the stage to give a speech.

Do you think one of these monsters stayed away from their lonely parents for one day?

Denise Welch

But it was his joke about not socially distancing at the packed event that had Denise venting on social media. 

“I see we are all here obeying regulations, aren’t we? I mean this party is not going to be investigated by the police in a year’s time,” Jacob quipped. 

“You are all very carefully socially-distanced,” he continued as the crowd broke out into laughter. 

“I know that you’re all at least two inches apart,” he said in the video obtained by political blog Guido Fawkes.

The TV presenter clearly wasn’t amused as she shared the video with her 496,100 followers on Twitter. 

“Please look at this those of you who told us to be quiet when we were shouting from the f…..g rooftops nearly 2 yrs ago!!!!” she tweeted. 

“Do you think one of these monsters stayed away from their lonely parents for one day!!!! Do you believe they give a s***???”

Denise’s fans seemed just as irritated by the “appalling” joke, with one person insisting that Jacob jesting about safety precautions was another reason why they’ve opted not to take the vaccine. 

@Samuel44R wrote: “This is exactly why I won’t be taking no jab and won’t listen to any more of these ridiculous rules. Back to normal life for me”.

@Mackemgeorgie57 continued: “My heart is angry as both my mum & dad died within 6 days of each other within hospital at that time and I could not be with them”.

“It is absolutely sickening and appalling how they are getting away with it who is going to pay for all Industries are going to go bust,” said @TerryPe83388296

Fans may recall how Denise previously accused the Government of holding double standards after it was announced that the Wimbledon finals were to go ahead at full capacity while she had yet to receive permission to visit her ailing father.

In July, the former Coronation Street star appeared on ITV’s Loose Women, revealing how her dad had been in the hospital for 14 weeks and was not allowed any visitors during this period. 

Denise said she became agitated as socially distancing rules didn’t apply to the people who attended Wimbledon. 

“I come to the show today and only heard 10 minutes before we came on air that my dear dad, who is in his 14th week in hospital, is now in a sort of community hospital which is much smaller and lovely and I feel very safe with him there,” she stressed.

“We’ve just heard that the NHS Trust in the north east have stopped visiting again.

“I am at the point now where I think, what does my double jab mean? 

“What does it mean if I am double jabbed and my dad is double jabbed?”

Just last month, Denise found herself criticised by the viewers of Loose Women after slamming the reintroduction of face masks in the UK. 

She argued that Britain had “one of the lowest rates of hospitalisation”, and even though a great number of people have been vaccinated twice, she didn’t agree with the idea of making face masks mandatory again. 

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