Morrissey Attacked On Stage During San Diego Concert!


Morrissey was pulled off stage by security guards mid-show last night after a bunch of people in attendance at his San Diego concert rushed the stage and began to attack him!!!

TMZ has the video (click HERE to watch it), but as you can see, the singer was about to do an encore at the end of his performance at San Diego Symphony Hall in SoCal when all hell broke loose.

And it does appear, as you can kind of see in the video itself, that at least one of the men who rushed the stage was able to punch Morrissey in the face. WTF?!?!

We don’t yet know if Morrissey was actually injured in the attack, but he left the stage and never returned — nor was he present for the fan meet-and-greet he typically does after concerts, though it’s understandable that maybe he didn’t really want to be around for that.

Regardless, what a horrible event! Let’s just hope the attackers did get arrested afterwards and they pay a price for their poor choice.


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