Nadia Essex: ’Katie Price and Kieran’s relationship was always doomed’

Hi, darlings! I’d like to discuss Katie Price admitting she once used Kieran Hayler’s finger (while he was asleep) to unlock his phone so she could snoop. There are two issues here. First, you’re always going to find something you don’t like when you go through someone’s phone, because people can rant and say things they don’t necessarily mean. Second, if you’re at the stage where you need to look through your partner’s phone then you should break up, because the trust is gone and you’ll never get it back.

She advises the stars and now it’s your turn…

Dear Nadia, I’ve got two boys after me; one is maybe too safe and one’s hurt me before. I always go for the bad boy and I’m scared of making the same mistake again – what should I do?

N: Don’t go for either! If either of them was ‘The One’, you wouldn’t be looking at the other. You’re trying to decide between your head and your heart, but your gut is telling you no. Listen to your gut! 
Go find your real soul mate.

Dear Nadia, I really enjoy 
it when my boyfriend pleasures me with his fingers, but recently his fingernails are so long it’s starting to hurt. Is it fair for me to ask him to cut them?

N: Absolutely! Personal grooming is vital when it comes to sex. And if anything ever happens in the bedroom that hurts you, you need to have 
the confidence to broach the subject. He’s not going to be offended, if anything he’ll feel horrible for hurting you and will be grateful for the feedback.

Dear Nadia, My boyfriend ejaculates a lot of sperm when we have sex and the post-sex clear-up is an issue. How can I broach this?

N: Preparation is key here. 
For example, if he likes to finish with you giving him a blow-job, put a towel on your shoulder and move it as he finishes so he doesn’t spray all over the room. If it becomes a major problem, use a condom at the end to catch it all.


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