Natalie Maines Regrets Not Standing Up Against Harvey Weinstein During ‘Scary’ Meeting

The Dixie Chicks frontwoman recalls the time she witnessed firsthand how the disgraced movie mogul screamed at directors Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck over the ending of ‘Shut Up and Sing’.

AceShowbizNatalie Maines will always regret not standing up to Harvey Weinstein as he screamed at the directors of the 2006 Dixie Chicks documentary “Shut Up & Sing” over the film’s ending.

The singer and her bandmates, now known as The Chicks, were in the room when the disgraced movie mogul took Barbara Kopple and Cecilia Peck to task over the film’s climax, insisting he wanted a happy ending.

“He was standing, screaming at them,” Martie Maguire told The Guardian. “We were all dumbfounded.”

But frontwoman Maines admits she will never forgive herself for not speaking out, adding, “It was one of the scariest meetings we’ve ever had. I really wish I could be back in that room and go, ‘Listen, motherf**ker, don’t you talk to our directors like that’.

“I know first-hand how scary that man can be. He was definitely getting off on belittling them, because it was completely unnecessary and abusive.”

Back in March, Weinstein was sentenced to serve 23 years in a New York state prison for sexual assault and third-degree rape.

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