Nate Diaz, 'Khabib Fights Like a Bitch,' I Hope They Both Lose

Nate Diaz is rooting for Khabib and Conor to BOTH lose at UFC 229 — saying he already “slapped the sh*t out of both of ’em” … and neither one deserves to be champ! 

That said, Nate also believes Conor is the favorite to win … because “Khabib is scared for his life.”

Diaz says it simply comes down to fight style — noting Khabib “fights like a scared little bitch” on the ground while Conor will stand up and trade blows like a beast. 

“I think Conor has got a way better fight style.”

Nate also says Khabib hasn’t proven himself against any real quality opponents — “That fool ain’t fought nobody.”

Diaz makes it clear he’s not rooting for either guy — he wants a double knockout, so they both lose. 

The big question … would Nate take a 3rd fight against Conor to settle the score once and for all? 

“I ain’t fighting no trilogy. He already got his ass whipped. He can fight everybody else. I got shit to do too.” 

Diaz says he’s also not interested in a fight with Khabib, because he’s boring and he already slapped him during a previous encounter on the street. 

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