National Dog Show Champion Has Won Back-to-Back Titles

History repeated itself on Turkey Day, when a pooch snagged back-to-back championship titles at the National Dog Show.

Her name is Claire — a Scottish Deerhound — killed again when she was named Best in Show.  It’s the first time in its 20-year-history the org doled out the trophy twice in a row to the same canine.

It was a doggie breath of fresh air, with a vaccinated crowd showing love for the various 4-legged contestants, but it was all about Claire.  The event went down at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

There was more than a trophy on the line.  Claire’s owner, Angela Lloyd, snagged $20k.

As for those Claire left in the dust, MM, a Lakeland Terrier, Jade, a German Shorthaired Pointer, Mo’Ne, a Kuvasz, and then there’s Winter, a Bulldog.

Unlike “The Bachelor,” The National Dog Show sticks with its hosts.  John O’Hurley and David Frei have fronted the show for its entire 20-year run.

Congrats, Claire!!!

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