New Beyoncé Pregnancy Rumors Are Spreading

Beyoncé’s got a lot happening in her life right now. Coming off a hot set at Coachella Music Festival in April, the superstar is currently on tour with her husband, Jay-Z. She’s juggling performance duties with the duties of a mother, entrepreneur and wife, too, which means that Beyoncé has little time to worry about these new rumors circulating that she’s pregnant, as reported by (among other outlets) The Cut on Friday. But you know who has time to investigate? Us.

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Before we break these rumors down, we need to make this clear: Neither Beyoncé nor anyone credibly linked to Beyoncé has done or said anything to confirm or imply that she is pregnant. As far as we confidently know, Beyoncé is a ferociously talented, amazing, nearly flawless mother of three to Blue Ivy, 6, and twins Sir and Rumi, 1. But according to The Cut, the Beyhive seems to be latching on really quickly to the rumor that Bey is pregnant — and they seem to be using really iffy photos to support these already shaky claims. 

Those in favor of the pregnancy seem to be dead set on supporting their beliefs with the argument that because of the outfits she is sporting during her On the Run II tour and the way they fit her body, she "must" be pregnant. 

For the record, we found some high-resolution photos of Beyoncé in these same outfits the show her from another angle. The first photo, taken on June 9, is of Bey in all her glory in that gold bodysuit/purple cape number, while the second photo, taken a few days earlier on June 6, is of her in a form-fitting black bodysuit. The latter photo is taken at an angle, so you’re able to see the outline of her body (we don’t intend to objectify her here; this is for research, people). For your consideration: 

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Parkwood Entertainment

Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Parkwood Entertainment

Oh, and in case you’re saying to yourself, "I need more proof because this is just not good enough even though it’s clear there’s no bump," let us present this photo from OTR II, taken just a day before this story was written, on Thursday, June 14. 

The more we investigate, the more prone we are to agree with those fans and fellow observers who argue that Beyoncé is a) a human, b) a human with a body and c) a human with a body who eats food and whose body reacts accordingly. Now, we can be certain what specifically Beyoncé is eating, but even with a vegan diet, there’s bound to be some kind of physiological reaction to eating food — and Beyoncé might just be going through that. Imagine: a woman just eating enough food to sustain herself through performances and thus, might be eating a little extra for the energy boost. Not that wild, folks.

Another great point: Beyoncé gave birth to Sir and Rumi a little over a year ago. She is a new mom (again) with a new mom’s body (again). Can we grant her the option to focus on something other than getting back to society’s preconceived, probably harsh body standards and instead enjoy her life, personally and professionally?

Whether or not there’s any truth to these pregnancy rumors, they should probably stop. As soon as possible. Beyoncé is famously private about her personal life, choosing to reveal personal news to the world on her own terms. If the Beyhive really loves her, they should probably give her a little space and let her tell announce another pregnancy (if it’s even true — which we’re not super convinced about!) when she wants. 

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All things considered, we’ll just let Bey give our official opinion on these pregnancy rumors once and for all:

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