Nicholas Galitzine Talks ‘Purple Hearts’ Reception & Potential of a Sequel

Nicholas Galitzine is opening up about the fans’ response to his latest movie Purple Hearts!

The film was released a few weeks ago and shot up to the No 1 spot on Netflix, and has been viewed for well over 150 million hours globally.

The latest numbers reveal that it is still in the Top 5, coming in second place the last week with an additional 46.37 million hours viewed.

In a recent interview with People, Nicholas shared that the support for the movie has been “overwhelming.”

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“I could never have imagined [the success of the film],” he said. “What was on screen was a testament to all the hard work we put in and our want to collaborate. And the fact that that could have such a crazy resonance is very much hard to process.”

He also opened up about the possibility of a sequel!

“We’ll see what happens, for sure,” Nicholas shared. “Even privately we joke about what would happen and how to possibly continue the story, because the script would have to be good. It would have to make sense. It would have to work. There are many different ways it could go, and we’ll wait and see if it’s the right story. But it’s very cool to see people asking for a second one.”

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