Nick Knowles apologises for cheeky behaviour at Six Nations game

Nick Knowles did some ‘serious damage’ while in Death Valley

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The television presenter made a surprise appearance at Twickenham over the weekend to watch what would become a historic match, for all the wrong reasons for England. However, 60-year-old Nick Knowles seemingly got up to no good in the stands, as he joined ranks with Johnny Herbert and Ben Shephard.

Sharing a collection of snaps on Instagram yesterday, Nick reflected on his “great day out at the rugby”, adding a sweet snap with his girlfriend Katie Dadzie, 32.

But the day seemed to go off the rails as Nick became part of a trouble-making trio as he joined up with the F1 driver and ITV star.

He recounted the tales in his caption, writing: “Catching up for a proper giggle with Johnny Herbert.

“Also saving my beer from a foot related incident with Ben Shephard and having a snog with him.”

Lastly, the presenter issued an apology, hoping his hundreds of thousands of followers could pass it on to the man that was sitting in front of them at Twickenham.

Nick continued: “Public apologies to the guy with the hood in front as we tried to see how many empty beer glasses we could get in his hood – 14 for the record.”

The presenter went on to applaud England’s efforts in the game, but added: “Finally a deserved French victory and great singing and good to see Asterix & Obelix amongst us!” referring to the two other fans in the stands dressed as the notorious Gauls.

While Nick evidently enjoyed his day at the rugby, he also seemingly took the time to cater to some fans as well.

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Gednuttall wrote in the comments section: “Cheers for the photo outside the green room mate. I get called your lookalike all the time!!

“Loved the day (and) the boys banter in the green room. Cheers.”

Some fans took the opportunity to strike a blow at the England team, who tragically lost to France with their biggest-ever home defeat of 53-10.

Janet.halliburton joked: “Did England turn up??”

Peterhayton1 declared: “It was a s**t game! I gave up on it.”

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Nick has recently hit the headlines after defending himself online following some critical comments on his show Into the Grand Canyon with Nick Knowles.

In it, he explored the world-famous Grand Canyon in Arizona, but faced some backlash from a viewer who commented on his weight.

One viewer typed: “Hi @MrNickKnowles I watched the first episode with my 83-year-old mother and she was wondering did you only have one shirt.

“And that there seemed to be more of you than what the shirt could cope with.”

Nick refused to let the comment get traction, slamming its connotations publicly with his 174,000 Twitter followers.

He wrote: “How lovely of you to take the time to tweet me that I’m currently overweight.

“You’re right – I am a bit heavier than I should be.

“I chose not to change the shirt (I had two the same so they could be washed) because I wanted the scenery to be talked about – not what I’m wearing.”

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