Nicki Minaj Drops Highly Anticipated ‘Chun-Li’ Surprise & It’s An Epic Video Teaser — Watch

OMG! Nicki Minaj just dropped the music video for “Chun-Li” and it is red hot! Take a look!

Nicki Minaj’s fans have been waiting for the rapper to release the video for her song “Chun Li” for what feels like forever. And on April 26 – after teasing them for hours – she dropped a 2-minute clip on YouTube. Yes, as you expect it’s red hot. In the video Nicki, 35, has squeezed her knockout curves into a PVC bodysuit. There are plenty of high-kicks – no surprise with the Asian theme – and a raunchy dance technique. Of course. But what one eagle-eyed fan spotted is that the girl dancing with her in the video looks mighty familiar.

One fan tweeted, “Wow so that’s the girl dancing to itty bitty piggy in that video that was going around and Nicki hired her…dreams do come true.” The Nicki fan is referring to dancer Aliya Janell who set the internet alight last year with a jaw-dropping routine that she filmed to the rapper’s “Itty Bitty Piggy.” Nicki’s fans seemed to like what they saw. One tweeted, “Life. Looks. Serving. Queen. Iconic. Visionary. Legend.” Another wrote, “This music video is about to be my FAVE.”

But the release didn’t go without a hitch though. It was apparently ready to go much earlier but was delayed – according to Nicki herself – because of a glitch with the artwork. She tweeted shortly before it finally dropped, “No it was READY but ‪@GRIZZLEEARTS made a tiny liddle MISTAKE that started the upload AGAIN!!!!! oh hey.” Fans ultimately didn’t mind. To them it seems like the wait was worth it and they can’t wait for the full video to be released. In the meantime, hopefully it will stop some fans from bugging the New Yorker.

Just a day earlier Nicki clapbacked at a fan on Instagram who grumbled that she is taking her time to release the video for “Chun Li.” The impatient fan wrote on Nicki’s page, “Girl stop posting s**t and release the video!” But Nicki snapped, “You’ll get the videos as soon as EYE get the videos.”

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