Nicolas Cage Accused of Drunkenly Beating Ex Girlfriend

Nicolas Cage’s career has survived a number of bizarre rumors and scandals, but the latest allegations against the famously eccentric actor could mean that his acting days are over.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Cage’s ex-girlfriend, Vickie Park, accused Cage of assaulting her while “severely intoxicated” at the SLASH Film Festival in Vienna last month.

According to Park’s filing, Cage “abused” her on September 20.

She attributed the actor’s behavior to a combination of alcohol abuse and mental illness.

“I am already aware of his alcohol addiction, depression and mental illness as his mother is also currently still facilitated in mental ward,” Park wrote.

Park says that in addition to that incident, she has been the victim of a sustained and targeted harassment campaign carried out by Cage’s ex-wife, Alice Kim.

Park says she feels unsafe in her own home, adding, “I am afraid for my life because of the stalking and harassment of his jealous ex-wife Alice Cage.”

According to Park, the harassment began immediately after she started dating Cage in June of 2017.

Park claims Kim has gone to great lengths to undermine her relationship with Cage and to damage her reputation.

“[Kim] stalks my Instagram page which I now had to make private because I am afraid of her/ she sends Nic messages about me — spreading lies and rumors about me all over Los Angeles and Las Vegas as well,” Park claims.

In her increasingly bizarre filing, Park goes on to claim that she became unwillingly caught up in a bitter divorce battle when she started dating Cage:

“I am afraid and distressed from their toxic relationship being projected onto me — physically and mentally,” she says.

“Currently they are in a divorce battle where she is requesting more than $30 to 40,000 dollars a month solely for herself without signing a contract without documenting how much of the money is going to their son, Kal.”

Unfortunately for Park, the judge in her case found insufficient evidence to grant her a restraining order.

According to the judge’s ruling, the facts of the case, as presented by Park, “do not sufficiently show acts of violence, threats of violence, or a course of conduct that seriously alarmed, annoyed, or harassed [Vickie Park] and caused substantial emotional distress.”

For their part, Cage and Kim issued the following joint statement through their lawyers:

“Nicolas and Alice Cage categorically deny the absurd allegations listed in the filing of a temporary restraining order against Alice Cage, which was denied by the court.”

We’ll bring you further updates on this situation as more information becomes available.

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