Nina Dobrev Posts ‘Dirty Thirty’ Bikini Photo On Instagram To Celebrate Her Birthday

Canadian actress Nina Dobrev may not be 13 Going On 30, but she is certainly “thirty, flirty, and thriving,” if her latest Instagram photo anything to go by.

Moments ago, the star of the wildly popular television series, The Vampire Diaries, took to the popular social media platform to celebrate her birthday.

In the photo in question, Dobrev is wearing a form-fitting bikini which conforms perfectly to the actress’ well-defined curves. The red swimsuit is adorned with decorative triangles, which have a metallic sheen.

Draped across Dobrev’s back and right shoulder is a decorative sash, which is embroidered with the words “Dirty Thirty,” along with a flatly-shaded picture of a martini glass. From the angle of the photo, it’s tough to say whether or not the actress is wearing any other accessories, but seeing as how she’s dressed for a day by the poolside, it’s unlikely that she is.

Dobrev’s signature brown locks are tied up in a bun, leaving her neckline and back visible to the camera. Instead of looking toward the photographer, Nina is sitting down, posing with her arm supporting her head. While she is looking toward the floor, it’s easy to make out the actress’ wide smile, as she rocks a flirty, happy look.

In the photograph, Nina is set against a backdrop of lush trees, which contrast against the clear water in the foreground. Dobrev is sitting poolside, with an ornate statue of a feline sitting next to her. The Instagram pic was taken in the daytime, with a bright blue sky visible, and the daylight shining down on Dobrev’s sun-kissed skin.

While the celebratory day took place a few days ago, Nina Dobrev posted this picture to thank her fans for all the birthday wishes she received. The actress turned 30 on January 9, and the photo’s caption details how she feels about turning the big three-0h.

“Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I’ve never felt more Thirty, flirty…and I’m dead set on THRIVING through this next decade. #SafariYouLater29 because #ThisIsDirtyThirty,” Dobrev wrote, before capping off the caption with a cake, heart, and rainbow emoji.

Dobrev’s photo clearly resonated with her fans, of which there are plenty — at the time of writing, she has accrued over 16.7 million followers on Instagram.

Within an hour of posting, Dobrev’s “Dirty Thirty” photo racked up well over 215,000 likes, along with 1,300-plus comments.

“Happy birthday Nina, May God bless! Have fun in your 30s,” wrote one user. Another user chimed in, “HOW IS SHE 30? She doesn’t look a day over 23,” capping off the comment with a heart eyes emoji.

While The Vampire Diaries concluded in 2017, Nina Dobrev is now starring in the lead role on the new CBS series, Fam, which debuted on January 10.

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