North West Throws Tantrum & 8 More Times She Proved She’s Just Like Any 5-Year-Old

North West threw a tantrum on the way to her fifth birthday party & honestly, we can all relate! Check out the nine times we were all reminded how North’s just a regular kid like any 5-year-old!

North West was recently spotted throwing a minor fit while on her way to her fifth birthday, so much so that her dad Kanye West had to literally carry her. Well, let’s not forget that she is only 5 years old, everyone. While she may be the cutest Kardashian kid ever, she’s also just a regular kid like any child. Whether it’s shielding her face from cameras or enjoying a lollipop, North is clearly just a normal kid just trying to grow up like everyone else. While you wonder how time has moved so fast since North was born, check out the 10 times North proved she’s totally just like any 5-year-old with our gallery above!

Recently, North got very feisty with some photographers! While out celebrating her fifth birthday with Kim Kardashian, Kanye and her best friend Ryan Romulus, North stuck her tongue out at the paparazzi. And who could forget the time that North adorably gave the stank eye to photographers? Needless to say, we can’t wait to see North’s antics as she gets older — these 5 years have already flown by!

Before her birthday, North rocked a new hairdo that’s definitely reminiscent of another celebrity. Showing off her new ponytail, North actually borrowed Ariana Grande‘s go-to stylist, Chris Appleton, for a glam session right before her b-day festivities and we are here for it! Seriously, it’s such a fun look for her. We’ll keep you posted with any more sightings of North. In the meantime, happy birthday! We hope it was a great one, Nori!

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