Not all of Antonio Cromartie’s 14 kids showed for his party

Ex-New York Jet Antonio Cromartie had trouble naming his then eight kids back in 2010 on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” He even forgot one, The Post reported.

He now has 14 offspring, but he couldn’t round them all up for his NFL retirement bash last weekend — only 11 came.

Producers of the USA network’s reality-TV show, “The Cromarties,” focused all six episodes of Season 1 on the fertile footballer, his wife Terricka, and their six kids — some he reportedly conceived after a vasectomy.

Before he wed, Cromartie, 34, fathered eight children with seven other women across the country.

For the first time, the show tried to bring them all together — inviting all of Cromartie’s baby-mamas and their kids to his party April 29 in Houston. USA paid for their airfare and hotel rooms.

But not all showed.

The attendees included Rosemita Pierre with Cromartie’s eldest son, Alonzo, 13, from the cornerback’s hometown Tallahassee, and four other moms from Georgia, North Carolina and California, each with a kid in tow.

The baby-mamas bonded. “We hung out and enjoyed each other,” Pierre told The Post’s Susan Edelman.

And the kids had a blast, she said. Her son, who hadn’t seen Cromartie in two years — except on TV — cried with joy, “I love my dad!”

Two other moms, from Texas and California, and their three Cromartie-spawned kids skipped the big event.

The party will be featured on the show’s next episode on Tuesday.

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