Offset Officially Served With DNA Test Papers by Alleged Baby Mama

Migos‘ star Offset has reportedly been served a court-ordered paternity test by a woman who claims he’s her baby’s father. Celina Powell claims the rapper, who is expecting a child with fiancee Cardi B, is her month-old child Karma’s dad, and she wants him to take a DNA test to prove it.

“He was shook,” she tells, recalling serving the rap star with the legal documents. “Kenny and Danny (Zook) (his managers) were pissed off. They threw the papers on the floor.. So now I’ve got to wait…”

“Offset was in town for a concert, near where I live in Colorado, and I pretended to be the venue’s manager. I acted like I was the promoter and called up Danny… to find out when they will be at the venue… It all happened really fast. Plus they missed their flight and were late to the show so they were like rushing and the sheriff just gave him the papers and he threw them and kept walking.”

Powell is convinced Offset will take the test because “he thinks I am lying.” She adds, “DNA cases are closed cases, so he probably thinks it’s going to come out negative and I am going to post it and he can say I faked it or something and have no proof. But watch it come out positive and he will have to pay me!”

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