Okay, Kaitlyn Bristowe's April Fools Prank on Jason Tartick Is Absolutely Legendary

So, yesterday was April 1st, aka April Fools, which you probably know due to multiple people in your life trying/failing to prank you while you sat there all 😐. But while some of us (@-ing my friends here) failed utterly at this yearly prank, Bachelor Nation fully came through. Specifically Kaitlyn Bristowe, who managed to stage an elaborate prank on her boyfriend Jason Tartick from all the way in New Mexico—where she’s currently filming The Bachelorette.

You’re gonna want to just go ahead and watch, but here’s the brief deal: Kaitlyn sent Jason a sexy photo the night before April Fools. She then had dozens of his friends, family, and even producers text him all at the same time about something !!!! on his Instagram Story. This all went down while Jason was on the phone with Kaitlyn and he completely lost it, ended up hanging up on her multiple times to check his story in a panic, and fully spiraled until Kaitlyn put him out of his misery by yelling “April Fools.” Bless.

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But also let’s take a moment to shoutout Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin’s April Fools joke, plz. These two poked fun at the classic Bachelor breakup Instagram, with Dylan posting “these things are never easy to write and there’s really never a good time. Hannah and I have always appreciated the love and support we’ve received throughout our journey, so it felt right to share what’s next for the both of us….”

He went on to muse, “With that said, Hannah and I have decided to stop eating gluten for the rest of the year.”


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You love all the deets on Bachelor Nation. So do we! Let’s talk through them all here.

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