Olivia Bentley vows ‘No more MIC boys, I’ll stay single’ after Tristan split

Reality star Olivia Bentley says she’s swearing off Chelsea boys for good after her latest split from hunky co-star Tristan Phipps. The Made In Chelsea favourite has had a string of failed west London romances and reveals she’s now planning to venture far out the SW3 postcode to find her next man.

“I think that’s where I’ve gone wrong – no more Chelsea boys!” she tells us, adding that she’s not in a hurry to be tied down again. “I think I’m going to stay single for a bit. I need someone to calm me down…”

The star, 27, was in an on/off relationship with ex-safari guide Tristan, 24, since 2020 before finally calling it quits in May. At the time she said they were “amicable”, and she wished him all the best.

Despite their obvious on-screen chemistry, Olivia says this third – and final – break-up is definitely “for the best”. But it came as a shock to many close to the former flames, as things seemed to be going well after Tristan moved into Olivia’s swanky Chelsea apartment last year and the couple were even talking about having kids.

“We’ve done it three times before so it doesn’t get easier but I am alright,” she says, discussing their split. “It’s for the best. We’ve given it a good old go.”

Despite walking away from the relationship for good, Olivia says she’s still hopeful she’ll find the right man and start a family, but she’s not in any hurry. “So I probably won’t have babies with Tristan, but with someone else for sure,” she explains, but “not any time soon”.

Speaking at the shoot of gossip show Getting Lippy, presented by Slingo, Olivia adds, “I’m not in a rush for any. There’s enough people around me having kids, I’ll just hang out with them for five minutes and then remind myself why I’m not at that stage. I think as much as everyone around me is having babies, it hasn’t made me want them yet.”

Olivia’s best pal Ollie Locke, 36, and his husband Gareth are currently preparing to bring home a twin boy and girl, who are due via a surrogate any time now. She says she knows Ollie and Gareth will be “really cute dads” and they’ve already asked her a very special question.

“They’ve very sweetly asked me to be the godmother to one of them,” she says. “This will be my third godchild. I’ve got enough godchildren so now I don’t have to have my own. I’m going to wait until they are 18 and then take them out and get them p****d!”

Known as one of the more mature Made In Chelsea crowd, Olivia has a great track record of getting on with her famous exes. So it’s maybe not a surprise that she’s hopeful of staying friends with Tristan.

“I think we could be,” she tells us. “I’m quite friendly with all my exes, and with Tristan it was very amicable, no one did anything wrong, so I’m sure we will be.”

Despite saying she’ll steer clear of Chelsea boys in future, Olivia definitely has a type. Past beaus include MIC veterans Francis Boulle and Fredrik Ferrier and she enjoyed brief dalliances with Alex Mytton and Will Higginson. The star also had a very short-lived fling with Sam Thompson before the pair were cast on the show.

Now single again, Olivia says she can’t wait to just have fun. “I still very much enjoy the show. I just want to go back to being all fun and not crying all the time with relationship drama,” she says, adding that she plans to stay in the E4 reality series until she doesn’t “enjoy it any more”.

She continues, “I still enjoy it so there’s no point not doing it. I prefer doing it when I’m not in a relationship because it’s a very different thing.”

As well as sharing the highs and lows of her life with her famous boyfriends, there’s another MIC castmate who’s caused her almost as much grief as all her relationships put together.

Fiery Frenchwoman Maeva D’Ascanio has been butting heads with Olivia pretty much constantly since joining the cast in 2019. But viewers have recently witnessed a more mellowed version of the 30-year-old following the birth of her baby Beau Christian, who she shares with co-star James Taylor.

Their clashes were made worse with both women trying to stand by their men, as Tristan and James’ friendship fell apart. Surprisingly, Olivia says the future looks bright for the former enemies. “I made up with Maeva,” she reveals.

“Maeva and I are quite similar, which is why we fought and had quite intense spats, I suppose. But it came down to loyalty. I was trying to be loyal to Tristan and she was trying to be loyal to James and then we ended up having a bigger fight than the two of them.

“I initiated making up, which is so unlike me! Normally I’d have dug my heels in, but because James and Tristan’s friendship was getting back on track and I didn’t want my relationship with Maeva to affect that, I thought it was easier to sort it out with her.”

Olivia says she was stunned when Maeva admitted she’d been horrible to her, and was surprised Liv was prepared to “ever talk to her again”.

“It was nice in a weird way,” she laughs. “She was genuine in her apology, she’s had a baby and her priorities are different. We had a hug, she was very sweet.”

Olivia has had a particularly rocky ride on MIC, and has opened up in the past about her anxiety, which caused her hair to fall out. She spent years trying to hide her alopecia, covering it up with wigs.

Thankfully she says she’s come a long way since the days when she wouldn’t leave the house because she was so anxious. “I used to suffer really badly with social anxiety,” she says. “I wouldn’t even leave my house pre-Made In Chelsea so it was a thing I grew up with. I don’t have it any more.”

She’s also ditched the wigs. “I used to care so much about the way I looked whereas now I really don’t. I was a self-conscious person, and now I’m a lot more confident and it doesn’t bother me so much. But I think it was irrelevant of TV.

“I used to never go out without make-up on. I don’t know what changed. Maybe it is an age thing!” Whatever it is, it’s working for you, Liv!

Olivia was speaking on Episode 4 of Getting Lippy presented by Slingo. Follow @GettingLippyTV on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook to view the episode.

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