Olivia Culpo Enjoys That Bikini Life Post Danny Amendola Split

Olivia Culpo was caught relaxing poolside with some friends.

Just a few days after announcing that she was “done” talking about her split from NFL star Danny Amendola, actress Olivia Culpo was caught showing off her bikini body while hanging out poolside with some friends.

According to the Daily Mail, who snapped the pics, Olivia Culpo — who was last seen checking out some bands at the Stagecoach festival — was hanging out with her best friend, Cara Santana, and Cara’s fiance, Jesse Metcalfe.

The trio was at a hotel pool in Palm Springs when the photos were taken.

Let’s just say, too, that Culpo’s teeny bikini gave people quite the rear view, as it was a thong bikini!

It looks like Olivia Culpo is getting over Danny Amendola quite nicely, especially since she announced last month that they were no longer together.

The former Miss Universe and the football star were together for two years before the split. Amendola used to play for the New England Patriots and currently plays for the Miami Dolphins.

In fact, it was Amendola’s trade to Miami that contributed to their breakup — especially since Culpo said that she wasn’t “going to move there” after Amendola announced that he would be going to Miami.

You can check out some of Olivia Culpo’s NSFW bikini pics at the link. More pictures (that are G-rated!) from Culpo’s hangout sesh with her bestie are below.

Ciao Meow @CaraASantana???? pic.twitter.com/SI15PCGhoo

— Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo) April 30, 2018

Back in the desert???? pic.twitter.com/YsuPsr9RH5

— Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo) April 29, 2018

But if you’re waiting for Olivia Culpo to cry about her breakup with Danny Amendola, you’ll be waiting for a very long time, because according to the Boston Globe, she’s made it clear that she’s “done” talking about that relationship, and won’t be entertaining any more questions about the matter.

The outlet caught up with her at Tod’s Boutique, and she made it clear that she was there to talk about the boutique and not about her now ex-boyfriend.

Before Olivia Culpo was with Amendola, she was also briefly linked to musician Nick Jonas.

In addition to all her other work, Olivia Culpo is the co-owner of a restaurant in Rhode Island, and she said that she plans to start a “virtual book club” to keep her more than 2 million Instagram followers entertained.

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