Olivia Culpo Goes Nude On Instagram Ahead Of 26th Birthday Celebration

Olivia Culpo has been making the blogosphere rounds since her split with Danny Amendola

Olivia Culpo isn’t letting her breakup from Danny Amendola break her up.

Today is the former Miss Universe’s 26th birthday, and in honor of her turning another year older, she’s decided to post a photo of herself in her birthday suit!

The photo in question — which we can’t show you here — is on Olivia Culpo‘s Instagram page, and is captioned “pain shapes.”

The photo, which already got more than 70,000 likes as of this writing, led some fans to believe that she was referring to the recent demise of her relationship with sports star Danny Amendola, and have made the comments to that effect on the post.

The interesting thing is, the photo is a re-post from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram page.

Follow the link here to check out the NSFW photo!

While many fans believe that Olivia Culpo has been “silent” about the demise of her relationship with Amendola, the opposite is true.

Us Weekly recently sat down with the former Miss Universe-turned-model and actress, and she talked extensively about her breakup with her former longtime boyfriend.

Culpo told the outlet that she took the whole month of March “for herself,” because the breakup was “very painful.”

Culpo also said that she’s taking the time for herself so she could “date herself” and treat herself with extra care.

But Culpo also said that there were some positive aspects about the breakup — namely, that she had a chance to take a “good hard look” at herself and figure out what she had to work on.


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She also said that being alone gave her a chance to “work on falling in love with herself,” and she feels that now that some time has passed, she can do just that.

She also said that while she was sometimes tempted to “chop off her hair” or reach for a pint of ice cream to deal with the pain of the split, it wasn’t always the best option, and she eventually learned how to cope in a healthy way.

Sunday shnuggles????

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Finally, Olivia Culpo said that she hopes she could be “the best version of herself, for herself, and not just for another person.”

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