The one ‘Jackass’ stunt Johnny Knoxville feels bad about

Johnny Knoxville wasn’t on board with all of the “Jackass” pranks.

Stuntman Knoxville, 47, told Vulture that while he and the “Jackass” crew loved “the toy car with Ryan [Dunn]” and “the prank on Ehren [McGhehey] at the end of ‘Jackass Number Two’ where he pretends to be a terrorist,” he was adamantly against putting a fishhook through Steve-O’s cheek to go trawling for sharks.

“Steve-O was screaming in that Port-a-Potty with his mouth wide open,” he said of the stunt. “And I remember talking to [director] Jeff [Tremaine] when he told me the idea of the fishhook and casting Steve-O out to sea. I wasn’t fond of that idea. I knew it was a great opening to a scene but how do you end it?”

He noted that he didn’t see any comedic value in the prank.

“I thought that the only way that footage was usable is if it ended with Steve-O getting bit by a shark,” Knoxville explained. “But why would we do that? I didn’t think it was funny. I don’t want him missing a leg. But we still shot it and Steve-O kicked the shark in the nose before it bit him. Now that’s funny. Look, we didn’t know where the line was. It was constantly getting redrawn.”

McGhehey recently told Page Six that he was against doing certain stunts as well.

“There were some things that I obviously didn’t want to do — like I don’t know any human being that would want to be chased by bulls or be blindfolded — that sucks — or drink [their] own pee,” he said.

Still, Knoxville flexed his stunt muscles again for a new project, “Action Point.” Meanwhile, Steve-O celebrated his tenth year of sobriety in March.

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