Opry Mills Mall: One Person Fatally Shot Inside Nashville Shopping Center, Suspect In Custody

A shooting has occurred at a mall in Nashville, Tennessee. One person has reportedly been shot. Here’s all the details.

The unthinkable has happened again. One individual has been shot inside Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN, according to CNN. The police tell the news outlet that one shooter is in custody. The situation began with some type of “dispute” between 2 men at the mall. The person who was shot has been rushed to Skyline Hospital; their condition was critical. He has since passed away.

At least two shots were fired, according to Metropolitan Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron, injuring one man. Then, the suspect exited the mall and crossed the street where he reportedly told passersby to call the police. At this point, a retired police officer took his gun and instructed him to lie on the ground until the police showed up. He surrendered at the ticket booth nearby. “There is an indication that this perhaps has been festering and this was not an immediate, spur-the-moment thing,” Aaron told reporters. “But that’s something, again, our detectives are going to have to sort out.”

Victoria Greene of Pensacola, Florida was in the shopping center when the shooting occurred. “It sounded like a skateboard pop,” she told CNN. “All of a sudden, stampede.” Local new sources previously reported that there as many as 4 victims. There was previously reporting of a second shooter, which has no been substantiated. “Metro PD has closed the exits to Opry Mills Mall off Briley Pkwy,” Briona Arradonda, a reporter for WSMV-TV, a Fox affiliate, tweeted. “Officers redirecting traffic for now on response to shooting. 1 suspect in custody, police searching for another.” The Nashville Fire Department shared this statement concerning the shooting: “Update: patient is en route to skyline hospital. No other patients right now. A reported second patient was false.”

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