Pamela Anderson Reveals Why She’s ‘Staying Out’ Of Son Brandon’s Drama With Dad Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson’s not getting in the middle of her son, Brandon Lee’s fight with his dad, Tommy Lee, she revealed in a new interview — and she has a VERY good reason why. Find out here!

Brandon Lee‘s physical altercation with his father, Tommy Lee, was sparked by derogatory tweets that the rocker posted about Brandon’s mother, Pamela Anderson. Despite the tweets, Pam isn’t going to insert herself in the feud. That’s because, as she said in a new interview, it’s just none of her business what her adult children do! “I stay out of it,” the former Baywatch actress told The Hollywood Reporter . “The kids are adults, and they make all their own decisions. I look at the differences in their personalities and their fearlessness and their ambition and their clarity, and I’m just so proud of both of them.”

Her assertion that she’s staying out of the fight is in stark contrast to what she already said about it! After Tommy told the public about the fight with his 21-year-old son, Pamela lashed out in a blog post titled “Alcoholism is the Devil”, saying that he deserved to be punched in the nose “for all of us who he has hurt.” Pamela’s marriage to the Motley Crue drummer from 1995 to 1998 was infamously volatile, with allegations of abuse lobbed against him. Pamela accused him of being an alcoholic in serious need of help.

“I pray Tommy gets the help he needs. His actions are desperate and humiliating,” she wrote. “He is a disaster spinning out of control and he is not acting like a father. But this is nothing new. My sons have made every attempt to help him in recent months – staying with him to make sure he’s ok. Just by being present with him they were hoping he’d feel loved and act differently.”

A source close to Pam also told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that privately, she’s disappointed that Tommy had to make things public. “She wishes Tommy would step-up, be a better father and make things right with his son instead of getting the cops involved,” the source said.

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