Paris Hilton Attends iCloud Hacker’s Hearing After Her Nude Photos Were Stolen

Paris Hilton faced the hacker that stole her nude photos in court today.

As Inquisitr has previously reported, Paris Hilton became the latest victim of a nude photo hacking when Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan invaded the model’s privacy. The hacker reported swiped Hilton’s nude photos off of her iCloud account in addition to stealing over $100,000 from the singer. To make matters worse, the hacker also hacked into the accounts of Hilton’s father and sister in an attempt to get access to more personal information and accounts belonging to Paris.

TMZ managed to record a short video of Hilton as she was heading to the hearing of her hacker. The cameraman told Hilton her fans were worried about her and asked Hilton if she had any advice to give to other celebrities to keep their nude photos protected. While it didn’t appear as if Hilton wanted to stop and chat with the TMZ camera, she did declare not to trust iCloud before heading into the building.

Paris was also asked if she was upset about having her privacy invaded in such a manner, her response was simple and to the point.

“Yes, of course. That’s why I’m here today.”

While it is unclear whether Hilton made a victim statement during the hearing, the statement she made with her choice in courtroom attire was clear – she was not intimidated by this hacker.

According to an update from the US Attorney’s Office, the hacker got sentenced to 57 months in prison for stealing both money and nude photos from Paris Hilton.

Bkhchadzhyan was an active hacker for the better part of two years (from 2015 to 2017) before the feds successfully busted her.

As ABC News reminds us, four to five years is a pretty typical sentence following a hacking that involves celebrity money or nude photos. Alonzo Knowles was sentenced toward the end of last year after hacking into celebrity emails in an attempt to steal movie scripts and nude photos to turn around and sell to the highest bidder. Like Bkhchadzhyan, Knowles also plead guilty to his crimes after getting busted by the feds.

At this time, no one is really sure what the hacker did with Paris Hilton’s nude photos after she pulled them from the iCloud server. Hilton, however, has made it clear she has no intention of using iCloud to store any more of her private photos.

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