Paul Rudd Hands Out Cookies to NYC Voters Waiting in the Rain

A real good guy, onscreen and off! Paul Rudd made a rainy day a little more bright on Thursday as he handed out cookies to voters in New York City.

As citizens waited in line, in pouring rain, to cast their early votes in the presidential election, the Ant-Man star showed up to hand out treats and share his gratitude for those exercising their civic rights.

“I wanted to say thank you for coming out and for voting, and for doing your part,” Rudd says in a video posted to Twitter. 

In the video, the actor is wearing a white medical face mask and handing out the confections as voters patiently wait while trying to stay dry under umbrellas.


Paul Rudd is handing out cookies to people standing in line — in the rain — waiting to vote.

I adore Paul Rudd…

Digital news outlet Now This actually ran into Rudd on the street, and the actor explained why he was spending his day showing support for those who are trying to cast their vote.

“It should not be hard to vote. People should be getting the day off from work, polling places should be everywhere. This should be easy, not hard,” Rudd shared. “Anyone who is waiting in line deserves to be kind of, I think, thanked, and encouraged, and recognized. 

“One of the things that’s been really encouraging is seeing how many people are coming out early and voting, all across the country,” he added.

? We ran into Paul Rudd at the polls — and he was giving out cookies ?

Several fans took to Twitter to share their appreciation for Rudd’s efforts, and to share their own run-ins with the generous star.

paul rudd really spending his day giving cookies to voters in the rain, he really is the only man ever ?

This is actor Paul Rudd, handing out cookies to voters who are standing in line in the rain to thank them for voting. I love him. ?

i love paul rudd with my entire heart and soul.

No need for Ant Man. Paul Rudd is a real hero ❤️

Election Day is Nov. 3, 2020 — head over to to check the status of your voter registration and to get all the latest information.

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