Photographer accuses Bill Murray of assault

Bill Murray allegedly attacked a photographer for snapping pictures of him at a Martha’s Vineyard restaurant, but the shutterbug claims he didn’t even know who the actor was — and was actually shooting the band that was on stage, according to reports Friday.

Photographer Peter Simon, 71 — brother of singer Carly Simon — was on assignment shooting a concert at Lola’s on Wednesday night, when the “Groundhog Day” star allegedly grabbed him from behind next to the dance floor, according to a police report cited by The Boston Globe.

The 67-year-old funnyman allegedly pushed him into a door, cursed and threatened to toss him out of the restaurant for snapping shots of him, according to the paper.

“He looked like he was ready to strangle me,” Simon told The Globe. “He treated me like the scum of the earth.”

Simon asked Murray, “Do you know who I am?” — and tried to explain he was a renowned local photographer on assignment for his weekly feature, the Vineyard Scene.

“Do you know who I am?” Murray shot back, according to Simon.

The photographer said he honestly didn’t — and told the paper he had no idea the jerk roughing him up was a star, until he spotted him dancing later.

“He doesn’t look anything like he used to look,” said Simon.

After the attack, Simon continued to shoot pictures in the restaurant, infuriating Murray, who poured a glass of water on him and his camera, according to The Globe.

Murray told police Simon was, “taking pictures of him and harassing him while he was quietly minding his business.”

Simon contends he was shooting the band and customers enjoying the music — not Murray.

The owner of the restaurant, Katherine Domitrovich, sided with the actor, telling police she thought Simon had come to take photos of him. He had “no business photographing anyone in the restaurant and was generally annoying,” she said.

Simon’s career has included photographing musicians such as Bob Marley, The Police, and Led Zeppelin. He insists he’s “not a paparazzi-type photographer.”

A cop who responded to a report of the scuffle told Simon, “He could take out a criminal complaint for assault and battery” — but it was not clear Friday if that happened, according to the paper.

Murray didn’t return The Globe’s request for comment.

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