Pink Just Buzzed Off Literally All Her Hair

2020 is just around the corner (*shudder*) and it’s time to gather up your resolutions and get ready to make some ~changes~. Or not. Whatever, either way. But if you’re looking for inspiration (my resolution list is currently “watch less Office repeats on Netflix” so yeah…halp), please come hither and check out Pink’s latest Instagram. ‘Cause she just buzzed literally all her hair off and her caption is a mood.

First of all, this is what Pink’s hair looked like before she ditched it:

As you can see the sides of her head have been buzzed for a while, so really she just trimmed off the top. But it’s still a pretty huge change:

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Letting Go

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Look at all this hair!

Pink captioned the photo “letting go” which seems like a pretty good sentiment to bring into the new year with us, so gonna go ahead and manifest this vibe in 2020. Also if you’re trying to avoid work right now, I gotchu: here are some other major celeb hair moments that have gone down in the last few months.

Kylie Jenner revealed her “real” hair in a post-shower mirror selfie:

Justin Bieber went baby pink:

Billie Eilish got a mullet:

And Kate Middleton low-key went blonde:

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