Pope Francis Just Told Gay Man ‘God Made & Loves You Like That’ & Twitter Is Loving It

Pope Francis just told a victim of clerical sexual abuse that his sexuality ‘did not matter’ & that God made him gay. Read about the accepting words he offered the sexual abuse survivor that signal a huge departure from the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality!

Pope Francis met with a survivor of sexual abuse, Juan Carlos Cruz, back in April and the two talked about his sexuality, and the abuse he endured at the hands of a Chilean priest, for three days. According to Cruz, the pope told him that God made him gay and loves him like that, and that he shouldn’t worry about what anyone else says. “You know Juan Carlos, that does not matter,” the Pope said, according to Cruz’s account he told to CNN. “God made you like this. God loves you like this. The Pope loves you like this and you should love yourself and not worry about what people say.”

Obviously, Pope Francis’ powerfully embracing message signals a huge departure from the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality. After Cruz came forward with his account, Twitter has been loving the pontiff’s inclusive words of comfort. For one Twitter user, Pope Francis’ comments struck a cord: “Growing up gay in the Catholic church is challenging. I was not accepted for who I am. I found acceptance on my own. If the church is ready to change and embrace love it would be a beautiful thing.” Another person wrote, “Pope Francis really truly is a wonderful human being. That’s awesome what he said to a gay man.”

Others on Twitter have called Pope Francis “woke” and labeled his words as a “step in the right direction. Meanwhile, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke told CNN on Monday: “We do not normally comment on the Pope’s private conversations.”

Seriously, Pope Francis has proven time and again that he’s the most progressive pope the Vatican has ever had. We’ll keep you posted on whether he comments publicly on his inspirational remarks!

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