Prince Harry Called Ex-Girlfriend Chelsy Davy Before The Royal Wedding, Says An Anonymous Source

In the “tearful” phone call, the pair brought closure and admitted that they were each moving on.

Prince Harry called his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy before the Royal Wedding, in what an anonymous, insider source claims was a “tearful” phone call that brought closure to their relationship, Cosmopolitan is reporting.

For reasons perhaps known only to Harry, the Duke of Sussex invited his two ex-girlfriends – Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonus – to the Royal Wedding. And they both showed up! Although to be fair, several times the cameras caught Chelsy, and the look on her face was anything but supportive.

As it turns out, the two shared a “tearful” phone call a few days before the wedding. (At this point it bears noting that information from anonymous sources is not always reliable.)

“It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on. Chelsy was quite emotional about it all, she was in tears and almost didn’t go to the wedding.”

Though she was invited to the wedding, she wasn’t invited to the reception – a snub that apparently stuck in Chelsy’s craw.

“In the end, she went [to the wedding] and promised Harry she wouldn’t try and gatecrash the party.”

Of course, the Royal Wedding went off without a hitch (in a manner of speaking), although there were times when Chelsy didn’t appear to be enjoying herself all that much.

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By most accounts, Chelsy Davy was Harry’s first true love. He is believed to have met the daughter of Zimbabwean, South Africa-based businessman Charles Davy while living in Africa during his gap year. As BBC News reported in 2009, the pair were on-again, off-again for five years before deciding to split “amicably.”

According to The Sun, Chelsy has had quite the life. Born on an African game reserve, the daughter of the former Miss Rhodesia is said to have once had a venomous snake fall on her head, faced down a charging elephant, and been robbed by Cape Town gangsters.

Two things that she wasn’t prepared for, however, were dating an active member of the British Army who was deployed to Afghanistan, and the pressure of life as a Royal.

It was so full-on: Crazy and scary and uncomfortable. I found it very difficult when it was bad. I couldn’t cope. I was young, I was trying to be a normal kid and it was horrible.”

Though she eventually got her law degree, these days Chelsy is working as a jewelry designer.

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