Prince Harry Had Epic Dance-Off With William & Charles At Royal Wedding Refereed By James Corden

Did James Corden manage to get Princes Harry, William and Charles to throw it down on the dance floor at the Royal Wedding? That’s what one amazing report claims!

Talk about an insane Mad Libs game. At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding reception on May 18, The Late Late Show host and Harry bestie James Corden organized a dance-off between him, his brother Prince William — and his father, Prince Charles! This is all according to one sneaky wedding guest who dished about the epic moment to The Sun. James actually played a major part in the reception besides referee. The comedian emceed the whole event, reportedly getting everyone to relax and have a raucous good time while celebrating Meghan and Harry, despite being in the presence of royalty.

Prince Charles and wife Camilla apparently left the reception at Windsor’s Frogmore House right before 11:00pm to “leave the young ones to it,” but James managed to catch him first for the impromptu dance-off. Would you ever in your wildest dreams expect to see the words “Prince Charles” and “dance-off” in the same sentence? Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland, reportedly joined in on the fun after seeing the three guys break it down, according to the source. How fun!

“James ­Corden did his best to entertain and it went down an absolute treat,” the source said. “Everyone was laughing because it’s something no one expected. Then everyone danced, which really kicked off the party.” Don’t worry; the A-list celebrity guests had a blast at the reception, too. “Sere­na Williams played beer pong like it was tennis. Everyone had so much fun with it, there were even fireworks,” said the anonymous wedding guest. Even crazier — George Clooney reportedly danced with Meghan, and then Kate Middleton. What a lucky man. We would have killed to see that go down!

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