Is Prince Louis’ Nursery Haunted? The Wild Royal Story About Kate Middleton’s Home For New Baby

Do they have Ghostbusters in the U.K.? Prince William and Kate Middleton might want to find out, because it turns out that Prince Louis’s Kensington Palace nursery is haunted by three ghosts!

Think of it this way: now, Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 35, won’t have to shell out a lot for 24/7 childcare for their newborn, Prince Louis. Supposedly, Louis will have three roommates at Kensington Palace, as his nursery is infamous for being haunted! “[The] prince’s nursery in Apartment 1A … has been a notorious spot for ghost sightings,” Andrew Morton, a royal biographer, told STAR magazine. Supposedly, the spirits of George II, Caroline of Brunswick and Princess Sophia have been known to haunt the place.

This isn’t just some rejected episode of Goosebumps or the plot for the next season of Channel Zero. “Princess Margaret’s housekeeper [said] she saw a woman in Regency dress suddenly appear in front of her, then vanish through a wall,” Andrew added. “I don’t believe in exorcism has been carried out, so let’s hope [the] little prince can sleep peacefully in his cot at night!”

King George II – the last British monarch born outside of Great Britain – passed away on October 25, 1760, according to Royal Central. In the weeks before his death, he reportedly stood staring at the weathervane of the palace, waiting for the wind to change and news to come to him of his native home of Hanover, Germany. Caroline of Brunswick was married to King George IV until her death in 1821. She married George in 1795, but the marriage was hit with scandal. The two separated after the birth of Princess Charlotte of Wales in 1976, as he despised her (it was an arranged marriage.) When Charlotte attempted to be crowned queen when George became king in 1820, he blocked her coronation and attempted to get a divorce. She passed away before she could be officially crowned queen.

Princess Sophia, the daughter of George III, died in May 1848. She’s perhaps best known for the longstanding rumored illegitimate child she had with one of her father’s equerries, Major-General Thomas Garth, “a small man who was over thirty-three years her senior,” according to English Monarchs. The scandal dashed her hopes of marriage, and left her open to ridicule to members of the royal circle and the British Press. She spent the last years of her life at Kensington, and legend has it that people can hear the sound of her spinning wheel within the palace. Hopefully, the noise doesn’t keep baby Louis up late at night. Shhhhh…..

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