Princess Charlotte Is Expected To Be A Bridesmaid At Prince Harry’s Wedding: What About George?

She may be young, but Princess Charlotte, 3, is already a wedding pro! After being in Pippa Middleton’s last year, the cutie’s reportedly reprising her bridesmaid role for Prince Harry. But will George be left out?

Princess Charlotte, 3, is only a toddler, but she made the perfect little bridesmaid last year at her aunt Pippa Middleton‘s, 34, wedding. In just two weeks, her uncle Prince Harry, 33, is marrying Meghan Markle, 36, and, according to People magazine, Charlotte is expected to be a bridesmaid once again! While we can’t wait to see Charlotte all dressed up, we also couldn’t help but wonder what role Prince George, 4, will play at their uncle’s nuptials. At Pippa’s wedding, George served as a page boy — and both George and Charlotte could not have looked cuter!

Official roles haven’t been announced by the palace yet, but George too IS expected to be a page boy again, according to multiple reports, including from ABCNews. It’s important to note that while Charlotte may seem too young to be a bridesmaid, in Britain, particularly royals, tend to have a bridal party full of perfectly-dressed children — rather than traditional American bridesmaids and groomsmen. Plus, Marlene Koenig, a British and European royalty expert would be “shocked” if George and Charlotte weren’t in the wedding, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

“George and Charlotte are Harry’s only niece and nephew, so it would be a real shocker if they were not included,” Marlene explained. “In Britain, the bride goes down the aisle first, followed by attendants or bridesmaids and page boys holding the train.” How cute is that? In turn, Meghan will not have a maid of honor or an adult bridal party.

When asked whether George and Charlotte would follow Meghan down the aisle, a spokesperson for the royal family seemed to confirm their participation. “The wedding will be a family event,” the spokesman told The Sunday Times. “You can expect the family to be involved.” On top of that, the royal tots have already met Meghan “several times,” Kensington Palace revealed.

And just like the adorable royal siblings stole the show at Pippa’s wedding, they’re sure to draw major attention at Harry’s as well. One family member who will NOT be at the ceremony though is newborn Prince Louis. Given that baby Louis was only born on April 23, he will be less than four weeks old come May 19. Kensington Palace even confirmed on May 4 that he will not be in attendance. It makes total sense too, as it’s normally recommended that parents wait until their child is six to eight weeks old before bringing them into crowded spaces in order to give their immune systems time to strengthen.

Prince Louis or not though, we cannot wait to see all the adorable pics pour in of Charlotte and George at the wedding!

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