Queen Elizabeth stabbed a Jubbly cake at a Sandringham reception on Saturday

On Friday, Buckingham Palace released photos of Queen Elizabeth II. The photos were weeks old, if not months old. In the pics, the Queen is seen at Windsor Castle, in the Oak Room, looking through cards and memorabilia in honor of her Platinum Jubbly. These photos were very carefully staged and curated and a short video was also released (below). For this Jubbly photo-op, the Queen wore her aquamarine and diamond brooches, which were a gift from her father for her 18th birthday. She doesn’t seem to be wearing a bra, which… has become somewhat common for the Queen lately? I haven’t seen her wear a foundation garment since last October. There’s also a special appearance by her dog Candy.

I think a lot of people probably believed that those weeks/months-old photos and video would be the only way the Queen would mark the day she became Queen, February 6th, when her father passed away. Then a surprising thing happened on Saturday: the Queen was seen live and in person at Sandringham. The Queen has spent the past month at Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate, but by most accounts, she had not visited the main Sandringham house until Saturday. They organized a small reception for her for her Jubbly, and she got a cake and received well-wishes from the small party with guests from the local Women’s Institute, Sandringham pensioners and representatives from local charities. The cake featured the Platinum Jubbly emblem and she stabbed that sh-t with a huge knife. This is her first reception since last October.

She walked with a cane, and she seemed pretty sharp during the reception.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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