Queen Maxima’s Sister, Inés Zorreguieta, Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide

Queen Maxima of Holland’s sister has been found in her apartment in Buenos Aires.

Suicide has, unfortunately, claimed another victim, as The Daily Mail reports that Queen Maxima of Holland’s sister, Inés Zorreguieta, was found dead in her apartment in Buenos Aires on Wednesday night.

The Dutch embassy in Argentina said that the 33-year-old’s cause of death was an “apparent suicide.”

Zorreguieta has been known to suffer from a variety of mental health issues, including depression.

Queen Maxima’s sister was taken to the area morgue early this morning, and a full autopsy will be conducted on her body in short order.

She worked as a psychologist, by trade, and was noted for her demand for an office on social policies at the Argentinian president’s office.

The Queen’s sister was also the godmother to her daughter, Princess Ariane.

Queen Maxima has already announced that she’s canceled all her upcoming public appearances, and has already flown to Argentina — her native home — to be with her sister.

This has really ended most of the Queen’s public outings. For example, she was due to appear at the Holland Festival, as well as appearances in Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia with her husband, King Willem-Alexander. All of these appearances have been canceled.

The Dutch prime minister released a public statement, claiming that this was a “heartbreaking” turn of events, and that his “thoughts and prayers” went out to the Queen at what is, undoubtedly, a difficult time.

This isn’t the first time that the Queen has had to fly to Argentina to deal with the death of a family member: just three years ago, she canceled all her public appearances and flew to Argentina when her father, Jorge Zorreguieta, died of cancer at the age of 89.

For her part, Ines was the Queen’s half-sister, a product of the Queen’s father’s second marriage to María del Carmen Cerruti Carricart. She was the youngest child of that marriage.

In his prime, Queen Maxima’s father was a government minister in his native Argentina.

The Queen is prominent in Holland’s history because she’s the first Latin-American Queen of the country. She gained the title when her husband ascended the throne after his mother abdicated in 2013.

She sparked controversy because her father served in the Argentinian government during what was considered a “dirty” time, a time of civil war and corruption and unrest. Things were so corrupt that her father wasn’t permitted to attend the wedding.

Our thoughts are with Queen Maxima during what is, undoubtedly, a very difficult time.

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