‘Raya & The Last Dragon’ is Disney’s Next Original Animated Film!

We’re so excited for the upcoming Disney original animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon, which was just announced at the company’s D23 Expo!

The Farewell actress Awkwafina will voice Susi the Dragon while Degrassi star Cassie Steele is playing Raya. They were joined at the event by directors Paul Briggs and Dean Wellins, writer Adele Lim, and producer Osnat Shurer.

Osnat said that the movie takes place in the fictional Kumandra, “a reimagined earth inhabited by an ancient civilization that venerated the mythical dragons for their power and their wisdom. It’s inspired by Southeast Asia, both in its themes of community and hope, and in its design,” according to EW.

Raya is a lone warrior from the fantasy kingdom of Kumandra who teams up with a crew of misfits in her quest to find the Last Dragon and bring light and unity back to their world. Sisu, the Last Dragon, was left on Earth in case dark forces return to the world.

The movie will be released on November 25, 2020.

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