Rebel Wilson responds to 'photoshopping' accusations

Rebel Wilson is Vogue Australia's cover girl – and she's not letting anyone kill her spirits.

The actress posted photos of her cover shoot with the magazine on Twitter Tuesday, which were quickly met with speculation that the images were photoshopped to make Wilson look slimmer.

"They altered the photo. Look at her face and hands. Slimmed down. Why can't they just show her in her natural beauty," one Twitter user replied to the post.

"I think you're great and this is wonderful, but it looks edited for more than just finishing touches and that makes me sad," another said.

"This just looks like a completely different woman," a third added.

Wilson was quick to shut down the speculation, replying back to one of the comments in a humorous way.

"Nope, not slimmed down! I just ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot x but then immediately after ate brownies!" she said.

She also made a follow-up post with additional images to further dispel rumors.

"Oh and just so you can see the raw v's the magazine shot, I took a monitor photo myself on the day of the shoot! So please don't carry on that these shots are heavily photoshopped because they're not!" she said, sharing an image.


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