RHOC’s Rachel Lugo’s surgery regrets as she talks ‘frightening symptoms’

Fans thought RHOC's Rachel Lugo found happiness again with 52-year-old Nick Smith, following her separation from John Lugo, her husband of 24 years after it came to light that he had cheated.

However, their recent split showed it wasn't meant to be and the couple, who met on a dating app, parted ways.

In an exclusive interview with us, the mum-of-five said she's excited to embrace her new single line.

But, the reality TV star does admit that new relationships can be daunting and recognises the pressure for women of all ages to look good.

Revealing exclusively, Rachel said although she wouldn’t opt for any more surgery, she’s glad she did in the past as it gave her body confidence post divorce.

“I had a tummy tuck after having five babies because I had so much excess skin. I won’t get any more surgery, I’m quite happy. I used to wear two pairs of Spanx and I didn’t wear a bikini in public for 19 years.

"I’ve still got stretch marks and that’s fine, but I did feel really good after my tummy tuck.

“Also, can you imagine finding yourself single after so many years and not being confident with your body. It’s hard enough dating without thinking, ‘Oh my God, this guy is going to see me naked.’”

This new chapter in her life also follows frightening symptoms that made the 48-year-old prioritise her health.

Opening up, she said: “I started getting an awful lot of pain in my chest at about 5am every morning. I didn’t know what it was so I went to the doctors and they organised CT scans, biopsies, all sorts of things. They thought it was a hiatus hernia.

“But turns out it was perimenopause, which was heightened by intolerances and stress from the divorce. I’ve since started fasting, which the doctor advised me to do, and I don’t eat at least three hours before going to bed.

"It’s had such a positive impact on my weight loss. I’ve got my jawline back!”

Now, single and ready for her next step, the reality star also reveals she is selling the family home and moving out.

She said: “I have no time for relationships just now, I’ve got loads on. Moving out of the home I’ve lived in for 20 years has been a massive upheaval.

“Let me tell you, I keep everything and I mean everything [laughs]. But, emotionally, it feels like another loss and I’m struggling with that, especially for the kids who are having to go through it. It’s very sad.”

When it comes to picking her next location to create memories in, the 48-year-old is struggling to think of where she’ll search for her forever home.

“I have no idea where I’m going to live. Everyone wants to know things like, ‘Will it have stables?’ because the horses are a big part of my life. Plus, I have my granddaughter, who now who lives with me. There’s a lot to consider.

“I’m in two minds – I’ve got to stay in Cheshire, obviously, because of the show. I’ve also got four children living at home… and four horses, three dogs and a cat.”


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